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Community Forests Pemba

We care about forests and the people connected to them

Community Forests Pemba (CFP)

Headquartered in Pemba Island, Zanzibar and with two offices on Pemba Island and Unguja Island, the Community Forests Pemba (CFP) team manages operations across the Zanzibar archipelago and has expertise spanning forestry, agriculture, women’s economic empowerment, and social enterprise development.


Mrs. Meiya Mbarouk Mussa: Pioneering Sustainable Crop Processing with VIUNGO PROJECT Farmers, Pemba

Mrs. Meiya Mbarouk Mussa is making waves as a skilled processor of vegetables and spices, adding value to local crops. She sources her produce from VIUNGO Project Farmers, supporting local agriculture. Mrs. Meiya’s commitment to learning is evident, as she actively participates in training programs by Community Forests Pemba (CFP) and the United States Embassy Tanzania. Her work exemplifies local entrepreneurship, driving sustainable agriculture and inspiring others in the community. Stay tuned for more updates on her journey.

Together We Thrive

Community Forests Pemba (CFP) believes the most important climate solutions can be found wherever people live and work closely with forests. That’s why we work to protect and restore the climate by enabling communities and forests to thrive together.

Our Partners

  • Community Forests International (CFI) 
  • European Union (EU)
  • Finnish Embassy Dar es salaam
  • LUSH Cosmetics from UK
  • WWF America
  • Tanzania Forum CC
  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • Zansasp
  • Different communities


What is happening


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Call to Action

In Zanzibar, we’ve helped set up over 300 Farmer Field Schools in communities across the islands, and have enrolled an incredible 7,800 farmers in the various programmes offered! 


TZS 14,607,100/=

TZS 14.6M +

WWF America 2014

TZS 37,812,200/-

TZS 37.8M +

Tanzania Forum CC – ACAI Project 2014

TZS 1,102,832,529/-

TZS 1.1T +

Resilient Landscapes for Resilient Communities Project (European Union (2011 to  2014)

TZS 41,505,267/-

TZS 41.5M +

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Resource Centre Construction 2011

TZS 65,044,570/-

TZS 65.0M +

Finnish Embassy Dar es salaam – 2014-2016

TZS 13,387,500/-

TZS 13.3M +

1VPCSA 2016

TZS 19,189,000/-

TZS 19.1M +

Zansasp 2018

TZS 2,345,110,057/-

TZS 2.3T +

Scalable Resilient Out spriding Island of Adaptation from  European Union (EU) 2015-2019

TZS 20,664,686/-

TZS 20.6M +

LUSH Cosmetics 2017 -2019

TZS 78,790,550/-

TZS 78.7M +


TZS 2,754,339,090/-

TZS 2.7T +

Zanzibar Value web Horticulture and Income Growth (Viungo) Project from European Union – (EU)

Our Sponsors


Community Forests Pemba works to increase the adaptive capacity of at-risk communities in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Here’s a look at what has been accomplished:

0 +

Improving the climate resilience of vulnerable communities.


Increasing food security and promoting gender equality.

0 ha

Spice production that is better for the farmers and the climate

0 ha

Restoring critical coastal mangrove ecosystems.